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OffBits T-RexBit


  • $ 3199

Combining familiar parts, cutting edge design and a 21st-century approach to collaboration, the OffBits system brings a unique new twist to classic construction toys. With the help of the illustrated instructions, you can transform the variety of screws, nuts, and unique metal and plastic parts into a spectacular and powerful T-Rex model.

Once you've completed T-RexBit, the fun doesn't stop there! Unpack the kit and follow the instructions to build two more thrilling models - CuriousBit and BlockBit. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, set the instructions aside and let your imagination run wild. With the aid of a unique tool included in the kit, you can create something entirely new and unique.

All parts are made of high quality, solid metal and plastic. Includes five-in-one supertool for assembly.

Ages 8 & up.