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Nursery Rhyme Block Set

Uncle Goose

  • 1599

Hickory, dickory, block. An update of a classic set, these fun and memorable blocks help children to learn their nursery rhymes. They are perfect for playing, reading, learning or as a nursery decoration, which makes it a great baby shower gift. Each block is embossed with two silhouette images from classic Mother Goose stories, and the text for nine nursery rhymes is printed on the other four sides.

We have found that many kids don't know many of these classic rhymes and we think it's an important part of our history as well as our developmental learning. Nursery rhymes preserve a culture that spans generations, providing something in common among parents, grandparents and kids—and also between people who do not know each other.

Did you know? Not only does the repetition of rhymes and stories teach children how language works, it also builds memory capabilities that can be applied to all sorts of activities.

Choose from the 9 block or 28 block set!

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