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My Very First Games - Forest Friends


  • $ 2999

My Very First Games - Forest Friends is a great "first" game for toddlers! There’s so much to discover in the forest - but where are Ronja Deer, Suri Dormouse and the rest of the gang hiding? In two different games, children practice recognizing and naming animals, plants, and everything else they can find in the forest. If a player can keep track of where the forest friends are hiding, Mia Mouse can find her friends again.

The toddler games from HABA's My Very First Games series contain colorful play material made from sturdy cardboard and wood. The cute forest animals and the scenic landscape are illustrated in great detail. In no time at all, the 3D game setup transforms into a dense forest with peepholes. Wooden stars sparkle in the sky. This game fosters memory skills, observation and vocabulary as children learn the names of the animals.

Ages 2 & up

Players: 1-4
Game Length: 10 minutes