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Healing Salve

Healing Salve

Cindy's Suds

  • $ 899

Our Healing Salve infuses olive oil with 7 different herbs known for their healing properties. It works better than any diaper cream, including prescription, that we've ever used! The Balm also works great on dry, chapped little cheeks and dry patches on chunky arms and legs! It goes on smooth and easy, without tears of protest like many store bought brands can cause. Feel free to goop the Balm over open, bleeding areas to protect the skin and aid in healing when a rash is really bad, knowing that the all natural ingredients are safe for baby.

For you moms who cloth diaper, our Diaper Balm works great with cloth diapers and won't stain or yellow them. It works great on eczema, psoriasis, dry skin patches, rashes, cuts and scrapes, burns, insect bites, you name it, we've tried it! Every family needs this in their natural medicine cabinet!

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