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Uncle Goose Bug Blocks

Uncle Goose

  • $ 4600

Help your kids learn about insects without getting stung. This bugs alphabet block set set from Uncle Goose includes 28 multi-color insects, as well as uppercase and lowercase alphabets, with a few extra vowels so you can spell the names of most bugs. Made from pure Michigan basswood and painted with child-safe inks, this set also includes numbers, math symbols and insect-related graphic patterns (honeycomb, insect wing, grass, etc).

While your child will get the most learning out of these blocks starting around 2 years of age, we think you'll find ways to use them even earlier! Start with basic stacking, move onto color learning and animal sounds and picture identification, then get fancy with letter recognition. As your child ages you will be able to organize the alphabet, sort and classify bugs and eventually learn to spell insect names and even start writing your own words! These blocks can carry you on into elementary school learning!