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Violet and the Woof

Violet and the Woof

Harper Collins

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Violet loves to tell stories to her baby brother, Peter - an this time, she’s narrating them right into their own fairy tale! In Violet and the Woof, riding their building’s elevator and traveling the hallways past apartment doors to bring soup to a sick neighbor, Violet and Peter encounter both real and imagined adventure — getting lost in the laundry room, running into a troll, and escaping scary noises in the nick of time, only to find that their poor sick neighbor looks... like a wolf!

Clever, thought-provoking, and with an unforgettable ending, Violet and the Woof explores the power of imaginative storytelling and will have kids asking: "What’s real?"

Written By: Rebecca Grabill
Illustrated By: Dasha Tolstikova
Target Age: 4 - 8