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OffBits RaceBit Racetrack and Car Toy Set


  • $ 5999

Combining familiar parts, cutting edge design and a 21st-century approach to collaboration, the OffBits system brings a unique new twist to classic construction toys. Transform the RaceBit set into an exhilarating racetrack and join your winning team! In the red corner, we have CharlieBit, the speedy rider from Planet Bot, ready to showcase his skills on CrossBit. And in the blue corner, meet the undisputed competitor duo, JumperBit and ScooterBit!

Unleash your creativity with our new kit, offering the potential to create at least four different models straight out of the box. But that's just the beginning—your imagination is the limit, and countless more creations await!

Join CharlieBit, CrossBit, JumperBit, and ScooterBit in the ultimate racing experience. Take on thrilling challenges, conquer the racetrack, and let the excitement drive you forward!

Includes over 200 pieces, design stickers, a five-in-one supertool, and illustrated directions.

Ages 8 & up.