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Fabric Balloon Cover


  • $ 1499

Introducing the Balloon Ball...a great TOY for kids of all ages. As seen with Michelle Obama on!

Do your children like to play with balloons, but pop them in an instant? Have you ever worried that your child would put a balloon in his mouth and choke? Would you like your child to be able to play with a "ball" in the house without breaking things?

This a custom designed fabric balloon cover. Simply insert a deflated balloon into the buttonhole on the end. Blow up the balloon and tie the end. Push the tied end inside the cover and your balloon is now a SAFER, lightweight, bouncy, colorful ball for your baby/toddler/child! And, it can be washed (cold water, gentle cycle) and reused with your own standard 12 inch balloons.

Ball size: Approx. 11 inches diameter/33 inch circumference
Comes with 2 (12 inch) balloons.

As with any toy, please do not leave your child unattended.

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