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Experiment with Engineering Science

Experiment with Engineering Science


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Science isn’t limited to the classroom – it can be created at home too! Explore the topic of engineering in Experiment with Engineering Science, filled with ideas and experiments for readers to try themselves.

This photographic book of engineering experiments and projects features clear, step-by-step instructions and a fresh, contemporary design, with an emphasis on fun, achievable experiments to give kids hands-on experiences. The science behind each experiment is explained, giving readers the theory behind the practical activities, and diagrams and photos show these fun and easy to recreate experiments in action!

Experiments are grouped into chapters, including:

  • Build it or Break It, which looks at how children can recreate the principles of construction in their own homes
  • Mechanical Marvels, where kids can build their own car, hot-air balloon or submarine out of household objects
  • Testing Tomorrow, in which kids can learn about coding, green energy and electricity

All experiments are safe and easy for children to carry out, and have clear instructions and advice to help them get bests results and understand the science behind the projects.