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Smart Bottoms Too Smart Diaper Inserts

Smart Bottoms Too Smart Diaper Inserts (3 Pack)

Smart Bottoms

  • $ 1500

The Too Smart organic cotton inserts from Smart Bottoms work great inside the Too Smart Diaper Cover, and can also be used as a stand alone insert in any pocket diaper. Each insert features four layers of organic cotton in a long tongue style that can be folded up to meet your babies individual size and absorbency needs. Made of 100% organic cotton.

Care Instructions
Prep insert before first use by washing 6-8 times. Test the absorbency by pouring water on dry insert; it should absorb instantly. If it does not, wash a couple more times and try again. The number of washes required to properly prep the diaper depends on the type of washer and detergent, as well as the hardness of the water. Wash and dry warm. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

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