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The Tomato Collection

The Tomato Collection

Cooperfly Books

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A book of goofy thoughts, some fears, and a few dreams, The Tomato Collection is packed with fun and insightful poetry, drawings, paintings and family photographs.

Written and Illustrated by: Kevin Kammeraad
Primary Age Level: 4 - 12

Book Reviews:
“Kammeraad has combined his many talents to give us more than a book of poetry—it's a hands-on lesson in creativity. Without a doubt, The Tomato Collection is about the joy of creating, whether it's writing, drawing, making music or building robot creatures out of odds and ends.”
-The Daily Times, Ottawa, IL
Review by Julie Durango

“Through careful planning and much work The Tomato Collection combines the appeal of artistic spontaneity with a fantastic and paradoxical swipe of what lies in the human imagination and beyond. Children will laugh at it; adults should be required to read it.”
-On-The-Town Magazine, Grand Rapids, MI
Review by Michelle Disler

“Many whimsical glimpses into a young child’s psyche are captured in this delightful collection. Questions, observations, fantasies, frivolities, and just plain “funny thoughts” are presented in word and living color. Hopefully, the readers will not only enjoy the verse and the art, but be challenged to create their own poetry and pictures.”
-K Laurel Balkema
Children’s and Young Adult Literature Collection Librarian, Grand Valley State University

“[Kammeraad] plays around with words and thoughts of children and makes some profound observations in simple verse. Captured here are, not only the lighthearted moments, but also children's confusions and worries about the big world. When it comes to lighthearted though, Kammeraad is in his prime. There's the moogie monster man responsible for messing up bedrooms; the little guy whose job it is to keep the toilet neat; a clever eyebrow trick to ward of potential baldness; the people-eating couch; and the sad and lonely, television remote that's not in use. Kammeraad's art is fun and whimsical, with a mixture of kid-type drawings, family photos, and sculptured characters. Words and illustrations together treat the imagination. This book will surely encourage some little poet out there, bursting to be heard, to put pen (or crayon) to paper and let their ideas spill out.”
-Women's Edition Magazine, Grand Rapids, MI
Review by Alexandra M. Fix

"This delightful collection of imaginative poetry is a must for parents, teachers, and librarians to use with children, pre-school through middle school. Creative illustrations enhance the zany, offbeat, and sometimes serious poems that reflect the thoughts, language, and experiences of youngsters.”
-Elaine C. Stephens
Ph.D., Professor of Teacher Education, Saginaw Valley State University