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Swing Slow, Sloth: Baby's First Soft Book

Swing Slow, Sloth: Baby's First Soft Book

Wee Gallery

  • $ 1695

Open out the soft pages of this beautiful, sensory-rich cloth book to follow Sloth as he swings through the trees, and listen out for his animal friends. On one side, meet Sloth and her friends Toucan, Chameleon, and Butterfly. On the other, watch Sloth swing across the pages in beautifully drawn narrative illustrations.

Colorful artwork is printed on one side, and when flipped over a stunning illustrated narrative is revealed in bold line. Swing Slow, Sloth uses high-contrast images that research shows newborns respond to.

This adorable cloth book from Wee Gallery features bold illustrations along with simple words to help babies develop their vision and language skills. For added sensory effect, it also comes with fascinating crinkle sounds.