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KeeKee the Rocking Monkey

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Keekee’s big act is juggling balls while balancing on a giant banana. Talented as he may be, he needs help to impress his friends in the zoo. Find out just how many balls Keekee can balance! It all depends on each player picking the right ball and putting it in the right place. The look on kids’ faces as they watch this little monkey sway to and fro is priceless. With the excitement of the crash, it never feels like losing when playing Keekee the Rocking Monkey. This all wooden balancing game is sustainably made.
Ages 3 and up


Manual Dexterity
Balance Awareness
Risk Assessment

Play Time:
10 minutes

1 Wooden Monkey
24 Wooden Balls
Illustrated Rules

Dr. Toy Best Green Product
Parents' Choice Award
Tillywig Toy Award

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