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Hopscotch Gift Card for Helping Harvest Fundraiser

Hopscotch Children's Store

  • $ 1000

Please Note: This is only for Arbor Circle's Helping Harvest Fundraiser. If you wish to buy an eGift card for Hopscotch Children's Store to gift to someone, please click here.

Can you help Helping Harvest with their wish list? Helping Harvest collects therapy supplies for children receiving mental health services at Arbor Circle. Arbor Circle staff is in continuous need of therapy supplies – games, books, art supplies, and more – to help children communicate their experiences and build skills to be successful, healthy, and happy.

This year, due to the pandemic, the Helping Harvest fundraising event is 100 percent virtual and their wish list is bigger than ever. COVID-19 and social distancing safety measures have only increased the need for therapy supplies. Mental health needs are on the rise and these supplies are shared via home-delivered care packages to be used in tele-appointments.

We invite you to purchase a gift card from Hopscotch Children's Store so that Helping Harvest can purchase therapy supplies highest in demand. Arbor Circle professionals will use these gift card to replenish specific supplies as stocks run low. Children benefit from therapy tools tailored to their specific needs and your support will continue to have the greatest impact – you don’t even need to leave your home.  Thank you!

Gift cards will not be mailed to the buyer - they will be held for Arbor Circle.

Names and addresses of donors will be shared with Arbor Circle. If you wish for your donation to be anonymous, please note that on your order.