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Gwendol's Baby & Toddler Shoes

Gwendol's Baby & Toddler Shoes

Gwendol's Boots

  • $ 2799

These Gwendol specialty baby shoes (from Cozy Comforts) are handmade right here in West Michigan! Made with genuine leather soles and up-cycled high quality products such as wool and canvas, these stay on babies feet with adjustable elastic on the inside. The shoes come in three different styles: a basic slip-on, moccasins and ankle boots. The basic slip-on style is also available with multiple bows in different colors that can be swapped out to match your little one's outfit.

Because these are handmade with unique materials, our stock is ever changing.  Shoes are available in store, or if you prefer to buy online, please contact us to see what colors are currently available.


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