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Felted Animal Slippers from Higher Ground

Higher Ground

  • $ 2299

These adorable felted animal slippers are made with 100% Australian sheep wool and the entire process, from producing the fibers to creating the final product is done by the women of Katmandu, Nepal. Each pair features cute animal faces and many have tails that stick up from the back. The bottoms are covered in leather to prevent slipping.

Higher Ground is a non-governmental agency founded in 2008 by Bimala Pokharel with a mission to help women and children who are at risk in Nepal. The organization provides women training and a sustainable living wage, giving them economic independence and marketable skills. 

Certified Fair Trade.

Our selection of slippers is always changing in store. If you wish to order online, please contact us to find out the current styles available, or place your order and we will contact you.

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