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Fast Flip Mini Holiday

Fast Flip Mini Holiday

Blue Orange

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Get ready to scramble for the match in this fun Christmas themed game! Each card is printed with a series of holiday symbols on one side and either a number or a single holiday symbol on the other. With each turn, one card is flipped face-up while the pile is kept face-down. If a number is printed on the top face-down card, then players have to race to figure out which symbol is printed that many times on the face-up card. If there's just a symbol on the top face-down card, then you have to race to figure out how many times that symbol is repeated on the face-up card. The first person to find the answer gets to keep that face-up card as a point - and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Ages 7 and up.

2-8 Players

visual perception
processing speed
focus and attention

Play Time:
15 minutes

30 Cards
Illustrated Rules