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Best Bottom Stay Dry Bamboo Insert

Best Bottom

  • $ 699

The Best Bottom Stay Dry Bamboo Insert combines the natural absorbency of bamboo with the super soft comfort of Stay Dry fleece. The insert consists of six layers of bamboo viscose, topped with one layer of no-pill fleece and snaps into the Best Bottom shell for an easy, effective and affordable cloth diaper. We recommend about 18-24 inserts per size, to go with 8-10 diaper covers.

Best Bottom products are proudly handcrafted in the USA at local factories, helping to support the local economy and reduce environmental impact.

Please note that inserts are sold individually without packaging.

Product Details:

  • Small - 11" long, fits newborn - 14 lbs. (green stitching)
  • Medium - 12.75" long, fits 11 - 22 lbs. (white stitching)
  • Large - 13.75" long, fits 16 - 35 lbs. (blue stitching)
  • X-Large - 15.25" long. fits 26 - 45 lbs. (yellow stitching)