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Easter Basket Giveaway - Puzzle Promo

easter basket giveaway and puzzle promotion rules

How it works:

  1. Stop in the shop between 3/17/2017 and 4/13/2017 to pick up your puzzle piece.
  2. Return to the shop on 4/14/2017 or 4/15/2017 to see if your puzzle piece is the missing puzzle piece that completes our puzzle.
  3. If you have the missing piece you win!!!!
  4. The winner will receive a gift basket filled with the best goodies from Hopscotch valued at $150 (or more!)


  • no purchase is necessary to win
  • one puzzle piece per person in family
  • if the winner does not show up on 4/14 or 4/15, we will send out an email reminder and customers will have until 4/22 to see if they have the missing piece.