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30 Day Diaper Promise

We promise to help you become a successful cloth diaperer or we’ll take your used diapers back and exchange them or give you full store credit. There is NO non-refundable fee! Go ahead, try it out! We’ll be there for you; that’s our promise.

The requirements:

  • Receipt must accompany return
  • Manufacturer defects must be addressed with the manufacturer
  • Diapers must be clean and free of odors, stains, residue, pet hair and lint
  • Diaper packages must be returned complete or the retail value will be adjusted
Why do we do this?

We know cloth diapers can cost a lot of money up front. We know that expectant parents have lots of decisions to make and deciding on "which cloth diapers" can be difficult. This is our way of relieving you of that stress. So, no matter what your due date, you can purchase your diapers knowing that if you change your mind about a certain diaper or cloth diapering in general, that's ok!

How can you make this work best?

Let us help you decide on which diapers to start off with, based on your preferences and our experience. Pre-wash any newborn diapers that you have before your baby is born. If you have one-size diapers, it's best to just prep 6-8 diapers until you've tested them for fit. Some diaper take longer to fit than others, depending on your babies shape.

If your baby is already born, we recommend you prep one to six diapers to try before pre-washing your whole stash and then finding out you'd like a different diaper! No need to go to all that work just to do it all over again!

You're not happy with your diapers, what should you do?

First, give us a call! We will talk through your concerns. If we can't fix the problem, we'll have you bring back your diapers. We want you to call with any questions or concerns, and we promise we won't pressure you if cloth diapering just isn't for you.