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All Around This World: Africa 2-CD Set

All Around This World: Africa 2-CD Set

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All Around This World: Africa features 32 African songs for kids from 20 African nations that originated in two dozen languages. The songs introduce families to the continent through songs recorded in genres like Ethio-Jazz, Highlife, Soukous, Sierra Leonean Reggae, Afrobeat, Fuji, Nubian wedding music and South African Isicathamiya.

Jay Sand, founder and lead teacher of All Around This World, sourced this material from Africa with tremendous care, choosing songs that are not only geographically, linguistically and thematically diverse enough to take families on a broad tour of the continent but that also have substantial cultural and musical depth. He adapted/translated/transformed each song for use in the classroom, then finally did the most important thing for a teacher and family-friendly musician - he sang the songs with kids! 

Track Listing:

We Are Happy (West Africa)
Bale Ile
Do Do Ki Do
Ghana Guinea Mali
Awa Yombei
Diarra Loro Lora
Opposite People
Ha Ha Ha
He Motsoala
Wai Bamba
Goodbye (West Africa)

We Are Happy (East Africa)
Arsomo Baba
Yo Yo Kilili
Atas Atas
Ya Rayah
Nanu Nanu Ney
Kavuli Tutu
Kipenzi Changu
Nsa We
Tulo Tulo
Tsy Akeo
Goodbye (East Africa)

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