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modern-twist Mark Mat w/ Markers - Dino Maze

modern-twist Mark Mat w/ Markers - Dino Maze


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The plastic-free mark-mat from modern-twist is crafted out of pure, silky soft silicone and designed for kids of all ages. The mat comes with three washable markers that can be used over again. The non-porous and germ-free surface will never wear and tear, so you can roll up the reusable, memory-free mat again and again for endless mealtime fun at home or on the go. Keep the harsh chemicals found in plastics and lower-grade silicones away from your family and out of our landfills with the easy to clean, playful mark-mat series.

All modern-twist products are made with 100% pure, food-grade silicone that is European & FDA compliant. Markers are non-toxic and made out of 70% recycled materials.

CARE: There are no harsh chemical coatings to keep you healthy and safe. Make sure to clean spills promptly to avoid staining your mark-mat and avoid punctures by keeping it away from sharp objects! Although the mat is heat resistant to 425 Fahrenheit, we do not recommend using them as trivets.

Dimensions: 10" x 14"