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Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks w/ Wagon

Uncle Goose

  • $ 6000

When teaching your child how to read, write, sort, and just have fun, nothing beats simplicity. This set of 28 blocks from Uncle Goose is crafted from sustainable Michigan basswood, then embossed and printed with a colorful range of non-toxic inks. Each block tells a story, and since there are several sides to any story, you’ll find a variety of animals, numbers, math symbols, and four full alphabets. 

This set comes complete with a wooden wagon for storage and play. The ABC Flyer is a classic way to store blocks, and is much more than a toy organizer - it’s a toy in and of itself. In addition to holding a full set of Uncle Goose's standard 28 ABC blocks, it can also serve as a wagon for your children to put their other toys around in.

While your child will get the most learning out of these blocks starting around 2 years of age, we think you'll find ways to use them even earlier! Start with basic stacking, move onto color learning and animal sounds and picture identification, then get fancy with letter recognition. As your child ages you will be able to organize the alphabet, sort and classify animals and eventually learn to spell animal names and even start writing your own words. These blocks can carry you on into elementary school learning!