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A New Decade. A New Design.

Posted by Rachel Zylstra on

Hop Scotch children’s store opened in 2005 with a unique mission, to provide quality educational toys and gifts that were handmade in Michigan and to provide a connection for its customers with the community and the people who made the goods we offered. Shortly after opening, we expanded our offerings to include organic clothing, cloth diapers, and baby carriers in order to meet the demand of the community. We were passionate about these products that were known only on the “fringe” of parenting circles.

Fast forward 10 years. Facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest have made it possible for parents and communities to connect and interact in ways we never imagined when we started. Etsy has made it easy for local artisans to sell their goods and for anyone to buy them. Cloth diapers and baby carriers are well accepted in any baby community. Parents have discovered the joy of carrying their baby close and many are now questioning the necessity of throwing away tons of diapers and considering using cloth instead. Organic clothing is now more affordable than ever.
It’s a new age and in light of that we have spent the last several months exploring what it looks like to be an independent retailer in 2016. We are SUPER excited to share with you our newest vision for Hop Scotch children’s store. In some ways we are going back to our roots. We started out as a toy store and "play" is still close to our heart. We also started with innovative products and we are living in a time of spectacular innovation. We want to embrace that. Finally, we think when customers walk into a store today it needs to inspire them, make them smile and just be spectacular. The rest is available online or in a big box store!

So, JOIN US as we have the most fun ever discovering the “cool(est) stuff for kids”.
re-branding signs & images

  • We will still carry cloth diapers and accessories, infant and toddler toys, gift clothing 0-12 months.

  • We will continue to work with our best selling local artisans.

  • We are adding lots more teethers, bath toys, tableware & kids dish sets, books, and toys & gadgets for school age kids.

  • We will no longer carry used diapers or baby carriers.

  • You can expect products to rotate and change more frequently. We will have many fun gifts that follow popular themes for both kids and parents.

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